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Chuwi Hi8 Flash memory Pin 1
Chuwi Hi8 BIOS Flashing – what to do when USB OTG is not working and Windows 10 won’t boot
The BIOS and BIOS configuration are stored in non-volatile memory (a Flash memory chip).  If you badly configure the BIOS, like I did, you can lock out [...]
Distro Astro Packages – Lin_Guider 4.2.0
Its been some time since I packaged any software for distribution. You can’t beat learning by doing to blow out the cobwebs and since this was [...]
Lin Guider on Distro Astro
Distro Astro – installing lin_guider
Guiding your mount is pretty much essential for long exposure photography. lin_guider is one of the best solutions for using a guiding camera available to [...]
Distro Astro Desktop Sharing
Distro Astro – remote access with VNC
Out-of-the-box Distro Astro has Gnome Desktop Sharing installed. This is great for remote access to your astro-laptop to control telescope, mount and [...]
Chuwi Hi8
Chuwi Hi8 – fun and frustrations
My new sit-on-the-couch device The Chuwi Hi8 is a very nice 8 inch display dual-boot Windows 10 and Android 4.4 tablet. This is an Intel Atom based tablet [...]
PWM backlight trace. 10% on time.
Olimex 4.3 LCD A13-LCD43TS PWM backlight control
Looking at the circuit diagram for the touch screen interface board: there is an LED backlight that is intended for PWM (pulse width modulation) control [...]
Infrared Module Circuit for IR Module
The Infrared Module that I chose was a TruOpto part HRM138BB5100 available from Rapid (PN: 55-0902). I chose it for operating at 3.3V. The circuit is [...]
Linux GPIO and I2C IR module interface demo
My IR module was designed for use with an embedded Linux system. I chose the Olimex A10-OLinuXino-LIME as it looked powerful and a good starting point for [...]
Output for the IR module showing the RC5 protocol structure.
TV Remote IR decoder module using ATtiny85
The goal was to make a compact IR decoder that processes the signals from a TV-remote and gives a Linux based embedded computer the codes.