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Distro Astro Packages – Lin_Guider 4.2.0

Its been some time since I packaged any software for distribution. You can’t beat learning by doing to blow out the cobwebs and since this was intended for others to use I had to do it as correctly as I could. So these packages conform to Debian standards and are digitally signed by me.

Eventually sorted it all out and was able to make both 32 and 64-bit packages….

64-bit: lin_guider 4.2.0 amd64 .deb

32-bit: lin_guider 4.2.0 i386 .deb



Distro Astro – remote access with VNC

Out-of-the-box Distro Astro has Gnome Desktop Sharing installed. This is great for remote access to your astro-laptop to control telescope, mount and camera from the warmth of your house. (Of course, you need to have booted the astro-laptop and logged in as a user before the remote access can work and you need to arrange it so the laptop is in range of your Wifi network!). Continue reading Distro Astro – remote access with VNC