Chuwi Hi8 – fun and frustrations

My new sit-on-the-couch device

The Chuwi Hi8 is a very nice 8 inch display dual-boot Windows 10 and Android 4.4 tablet.

This is an Intel Atom based tablet and its performance is sort of mid-range for a 2016 Android device and low-end for a Windows 10 device. Its been on the market for some time and there is a newer Hi8 Pro which has some extra features so theĀ  Hi8 can be bought for a very good price these days.

There are a number of reviews around so I wont say too much about features and performance…

  • For the price it is surprisingly well made and fun to use,
  • The display is fantastic but reflective. It comes fitted with a screen protector which is a good thing because the glass will scratch if you are not careful.
  • In common with most cheap tablets the sound from the speaker is very poor (but sound using headphones is very good).
  • Its HD display is very nice for watching youtube and netflix, performance is not a problem.
  • Battery life is ok for 3-4hrs of use.
  • You will need a 16Gb or larger SD card if you want to upgrade Windows 10 to the latest fixes (I recommend you buy a Class-10 32 or 64 GB SD card).
  • You will run out of storage space in Android and Windows if you don’t fit an SD card.
  • If you want to store many apps under Android you will have to root it.