Distro Astro – installing lin_guider

March 13, 2017 - Astrophotography, Distro Astro
Distro Astro – installing lin_guider

Guiding your mount is pretty much essential for long exposure photography. lin_guider is one of the best solutions for using a guiding camera available to Linux machines.

lin_guider was not available pre-built so I had to build it. It turns out to be very simple to do. Basically there are four simple steps:

Step 1: Get the tools and support files ready. Open a terminal and type the following commands….

Step 2: Get the latest lin_guider source code

Browse with firefox to the lin_guider repository and download the source

As of this post the version of lin_guider is 4.1.1

Step 3: Unpack the source files

Open a terminal window and type the commands:

This should copy the source code to the top of your home directory and then unpack the data to create a new directory called “lin_guider_pack”

Step 4: Build lin_guider

If everything works you should see no errors reported as the make command builds your copy of lin_guider.

You can run it with the command:

Lin Guider on Distro Astro


To make things simple you can launch lin_guider from your desktop…

  1. Somewhere on your desktop right-click with the mouse to bring up the a menu and select “Create Launcher…”
  2. Give the launcher a name and browse to the location where lin_guider is stored and select the file:
    Lin_Guider launcher in Distro Astro
  3. Click “Ok” and you now have a quick access icon on your desk top.

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