This is composed of LRGB+SHO as one image, I found this quite tricky to do satisfactorily.
This is the same data reprocessed some week later as a pure SHO image. This time the subs have been corrected by the flats properly in WBPP. The data is beginning to look good but that O3 is very faint. I may try to reduce the stars a little.

This is my first image of this season after a long break. It’s the result of two nights of roughly 1hr total for LRGB, 2hrs Ha and 5hrs Oiii. I’ve been practicing with methods to combine the images… This final image is LRGB normally processed combined using a star mask and pixel math with an HOO image. The result is fairly balanced but the regions extensive Ha is not as pronounced as I would like. I seem to have bit of light leakage in the corners, some I managed to clone out but I need to track down the source.

LRGB subs were 30sec @ gain 0, Ha and Oiii subs were 120sec @ gain 200.

ASi1600mm pro and filter set, scope was the OO250 newt.

Even at 30 seconds and 0 gain I still manage to clip some stars.

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