IC1805 The Heart Nebula – SHO

This is my first imaging season using narrow band filters on a mono camera. I’m enjoying the freedom to image and not fight moonlight or light pollution from the city.

The Heart nebula (IC1805) is in the constellation of Cassiopeia. This is the result of 6hrs of 120s subs in S2, Ha and O3. Imaged using the ASI1600mm pro with a gain of 200. Processed in PixInsight with the Hubble palette SHO.

A nebula around a star or is it a galaxy?

Visible at the top of the heart image is what looks like a small blue galaxy or planetary nebula. At bit of research reveals this is WeBo 1 (PN G135.6+01.0) a planetary nebula. It has a good signal in Ha and Oii. Perhaps imaging with my 250mm Newt will reveal more of its structure.

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