The Horsehead nebula in Orion – (Barnard 33, in the region of IC 434)

This is a tricky target from my back yard, I only have about a 50-minute window between some trees to capture this. Imaged on a windy night the stars are not a great shape but I can live with that. This an Ha only image cropped and focused on the horsehead itself:

IC434 The horsehead nebula.

And here is the full frame:

The Horsehead nebula in Orion

Imaged using the ASI1600 on the OO250mm Newt, just 22 x 120sec Ha. Accidentally imaged at 0 gain! It’s tricky to get more data at this focal length due to the small window of opportunity so I’ll likely go portable for the classic a wider view with my short focal length refractor.

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