M1: The Crab Nebula in Taurus in SHO

I first imaged this supernova remnant back in 2005 using a modified web-cam.

I tried again is 2012 with a DSLR:

Picture saved with settings embedded.

I was very pleased with the results then but my recent efforts (Dec 2021) are significantly better as they should be given all the high-tech I have thrown at it:

It still needs more signal to get a decent SNR but the results so far are excellent given this is 1.5hrs RGB, 1hr for Ha and S2 and 2hrs for O3. By coincidence we have the same orientation for each image so a direct comparison is easy.

1 month later (6th Jan. 2022) with an additional 4.5 NB data and 45 minutes of RGB I was able to produce this version which uses only SHO data for the Crab nebula itself:

The narrowband light emitted by the nebula images very differently showing that the Crab has lots of very complex structure:

Combining Narrow Band signals to produce my Crab Nebula image.

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