NGC 4725 and NGC4747 have collided

This is NGC 4725 and cohorts. It looks NGC 4725 had a tangle with 4747 and neither came off well.

NGC 4725 and friends
This is NGC 4725, to the top left is NGC 4747 which has been disrupted by NGC4725.

Imaged from the 22nd to 25th March, total integration time was 9 hours and 15 minutes, (2h20 Blue, 2hr53 Green, 2hr05 Red, 1h56 Ha). Imaged with my ASI1600mm pro, ZWO filters and trusty Orion Optics UK 250mm Newt on my CEM70G.  Captured with N.I.N.A, processed in PixInsight and tweaked in Paint Shop pro.

NGC 4725 and friends Annotated
There are more galaxies here than you first realise.

That was a remarkable few days of good weather with DEC guiding often running as low as 0.23 rms and even RA sub 0.4 for much of the time. I’d like to think much of that performance was down to my re-jigging the balance and fine tuning the meshing of the worm gears – I had had trouble getting below 1 arc-seconds rms for the last 2 years. I know others also reported good guiding in many parts of the UK on the same days so its probably just freaky weather. Time will tell.

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