M101 Supernova SN2023ixf

In May of 2023 a new supernova was reported in galaxy M101. M101 is easy to image from my house and is big enough in the sky that a lot of detail can be resolved. Supernovas often appear brighter than the the galaxy they reside in and this one was reported to be very bright indeed.

I quickly got my gear in place and over 3 nights (26th-28th of May) grabbed enough sub-frames to make a decent image. Unfortunately there was a lot of misty high cloud and light pollution so contrast wasn’t the best, but I am happy with the detail I pulled out.

The above image shows the stack of all luminance frames before any stretching. I have circled the “new star” (click it to see the big picture and the supernova).

Above is the same luminance only image with just basic stretching to reveal many stars and the galaxy. Below is my final image combining L, R,G,B and Ha:

And zooming in:

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