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Messier 97 in SHO + L first narrow band attempt and using the "Hubble Palette"

Messier 97: The Owl Nebula

Imaged on the first of two clear nights in April and is my first complete SHO image using the ASI1600MM Pro. Imaged with Bresser 150mm@f4.8 using a Skywatcher 0.9 CC. Mounted on my CEM70G.

Conditions were very good and the CEM70G tracked wonderfully well with sub 0.5" in RA and 0.61" overall. Which is exactly where you need it for this scope.

Sadly the Bresser lost its collimation by the time the L-subs were taken, this resulted in the stars not being round.

Final image:
Gain139,offest50 @-15C. S 10x300s, H 16x300s, O 16x300s, L 12x120s approx.

Processed in Pixinsight with a final tweak in Paintshop Pro.