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Messier 13 RGB 30 second subs

This is the results on an experiment with shorter 30 second subs with my ASI1600mm-Pro. With longer subs I found it easy to burn out the brighter stars when imaging on the 250mm Newt, so shorter subs mean fewer saturated stars but with the spin-off benefit of fewer trashed frames and rounder stars at full resolution. Its a strategy that is fine for broadband but narrow band I really do need longer good quality subs just to keep the number down for processing!

Image contrast is not great (I don't get really dark skies this time of year).

Click on the thumbnail image to see a full resolution version.
Messier 13 imaged with OO 250mm, ASI160mm-Pro. RGB 1.5hrs.

Imaging details: 250mm Newt on the CEM70G. Camera was ASI1600MM-Pro @ Gain 139, Offset 50. 30s subs, total time 1.5hrs. Guiding with a 60mm guide scope and ASI290mc (my planetary camera). Processed in PixInsight and finished in Paintshop Pro.